Water Vaults for Stoney Creek

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If you are interested in the water vault program please use the form below or contact Chief Curtis Sheets at 434-325-8536 or Captain Barry Eastep at 434-325-8535.

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Phone number, if you would like a call

Several properties within Stoney Creek have limited or no fire hydrant access. The Water Vault Program is one of Wintergreen Fire And Rescue's approaches to address the issue.

The traditional fire service response to fires in such areas has been to respond with fire engines with limited water supplies and then to rely on 'water shuttles' provided by 'tanker' truck fire apparatus to eventually provide needed water for fire fighting operations. The 2015 addition of Tanker 2 to Wintergreen Fire Department's fleet of trucks with its 2,500 gallons of water (vs the typical 750 gallons) and 1,500 gallon-per-minute pump helped address this issue.

Still, due to the distances and response times of our tankers in our rural area more water is required in some areas to provide the most effective fire coverage.

With the assistance of our property owners in affected areas Wintergreen Fire Department is strategically placing Water Vaults to store more water to fight fires. These Water Vaults are concrete tanks, buried along the roadside, capable of holding in excess of 2,000 gallons of water. They have connections to allow our fire engines to quickly hook up and pump the water to where's it's needed.