About Volunteering with the Wintergreen Fire Department

By Curtis Sheets, Chief of Wintergreen Fire and Rescue

The Wintergreen Volunteer Fire Department has full-time staff stationed at both of the fire and rescue stations in our community. Each 24-hour shift is comprised of two firefighters in the mountain station, two firefighters in the valley and a shift captain who floats between the two. 

When a fire alarm goes off, two or three firefighters respond immediately to the call with the rest at least 20 minutes away. That’s two or three firefighters to connect to a water source, pump the water, look for potential victims, and attack a fire that could consume a room in minutes. 

Sometimes, on minor events, that’s enough. But often enough our professional firefighters need the help of Wintergreen’s community volunteers who support them in a variety of roles.

Some volunteers train to fight the fire. Others are trained for key jobs such as operating the engine and the water pumping system. 

Other volunteers on the scene of a fire will run equipment from the engine to the firefighters or, in the case of a major event, provide water and snacks to the firefighters in rest periods.

Volunteers can keep track of the firefighters entering and leaving the structure. Other are trained refill air bottles depleted by the firefighters on the scene. 

The volunteers helping with the administrative side of the volunteer house such as fundraising, time-keeping, etc., are very much appreciated.

The process to become a fire volunteer is straightforward. After a routine background check, your application (go here to download the PDF) is considered by the Volunteer Fire Board and you can begin training. With the exception of training to be a state certified firefighter, you schedule your own training and attend monthly training meetings. We ask that you be on call around 30 hours a month but usually volunteers can can wait to be called to the fire scene from their Wintergreen home. Training is typically done in-house.

Interested? Contact our Chief of Fire Operations via email at trey.crawford06@gmail.com or by phone at (434) 325-2200, ext. 9270 for more information.

Info on rescue squad volunteers is HERE.

Wintergreen Volunteer Fire Department Roster

Karen Asher
Tommy Ashley*
Mike Crandall*
Elliott Dworin
Alex Euler
Joe Everhart
Renee Everhart
Delbert 'Dobie' Fish*
Don Fitzgerald*
Michael Friedlein
Noah Greene
John Harrington
Thomas Jackson*
Bruce Johnson*
Jim Kneas*
Jimmy Koschara*
Greg Lipscomb*
Frank Ott**
John Robles*
Cole Taggart
Jack Taggart
Courtney Truslow*
Jim Truslow*

Wintergreen Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors

President- Dennis Casey
Vice President- Alex Euler
Secretary- Elliot Dworin
Treasurer- Karen Asher
Auxiliary Representative - Mary Gilliland
Joe Everhart
Mike Friedlein
Curtis Sheets- Staff
Trey Crawford- Staff

Volunteer meeting Reports and Bylaws

* Indicates Life Membership
**Indicates Deceased Member